How to Prepare

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  2. View recommended tumbling skills. (Click Here)
  3.  View Flyer Evaluation Info (Click Here)
  4. Follow the 3 Step Process Below to Register for Tryouts!

Tryout Wrap Up Video

Tryout Results

Click HERE for Largo Team Placements.

Click HERE for Lakewood Ranch Team Placements.

If you do not see your number, please email fltopdog@floridatopdog.com. A missed number is. not purposely done but rather just an error on our posting.

3 step process to register for the 2023-24 season.

1) Download the Information Packet. (Click HERE)

2) Click below on the All-Star Login to register for tryouts. Select your day for your one-on-one evaluation.          
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3) Fill out digital tryout forms (2 forms required-see below).
      a.  Tryout Application (Click HERE)

      b.  Athlete Contact Form (Click HERE)